Main Application Industry of Galvanized Sheet

  • Galvanized sheet is widely used in the main industry, a large number of the galvanized sheet used in automobile manufacturing, refrigerator, construction, ventilation, and heating facilities and furniture manufacturing and other fields, so GI steel coil with spangles factory price is different. It mainly covers the following fields: construction, household appliances, furniture, transportation, steel products, and other daily necessities.

    Galvanized application in the construction industry: roof, roof components, balcony panels, windowsills, kiosks, warehouses, rolling doors, heaters, rainwater pipes
    Application: refrigerator, washing machine, switch cabinet, air conditioner, microwave oven, bread maker, copier, vending machine, electric fan, vacuum cleaner, etc
    Galvanized application in the furniture industry: lampshade, wardrobe, table, bookshelf, counter, signboard, medical equipment and so on
    Zinc plating is used in the transportation industry: automobile ceiling, car shell, car plate, tractor, tram, container, highway wall, ship bulkhead, etc.
    Zinc-plating is used in other fields: musical instrument case, dustbin, billboard, clock, camera, meter, etc
    Galvanized sheet is used in other steel products industry: color coated steel sheet is based on the hot galvanized sheet, hot galvanized aluminum, and zinc plate, galvanized sheet, etc
    Hot galvanized sheet tape, galvanized sheet tape, galvanized tin plate, galvanized sheet pressing and forming, with connecting hook, cannot use any accessories can be firmly connected to the net and column
    Pick up. Zinc plating has become an important method of steel corrosion, not only because zinc can form a dense protective layer on the surface of the steel, but also because zinc has the effect of cathodic protection when the galvanized layer is broken
    However, it can still prevent the corrosion of iron base metal through cathodic protection.