Color steel coil maintenance

  • Maintenance during service can extend the life of high quality prepainted galvanized steel coil. Although factory prepainted building rolls last many years longer than normal painted rolls, they still need to be thoroughly cleaned, where there is no need for maintenance where there is automatic rain cleaning, such as roof rolls. Cleaning can remove the accumulated corrosive materials and maintain the beautiful appearance of the building without painting. The places to be cleaned include the bracket, the drip underside roll, the warehouse door roll, the drip roll, and the back groove.   1. Cleaning the color coated rolls: Typically, clean water is used to remove most of the dust and residue from the surface area of ​​the high quality PPGI prepainted galvanized steel coil. In theory, it needs to be cleaned at least every six months. In places with more salt spray and heavy industrial dust, cleaning should be more frequent. For stubborn stains that cannot be washed out, use a weak detergent or a household ammonia solution as follows. In any case, scrub an inconspicuous patch test before cleaning in large areas. Take a spoonful of detergent (or other detergent, phosphate content less than 0.5%) in 5 gallons of hot water; or take a cup of household ammonia dissolved in 5 gallons of room temperature water, do not mix ammonia with any bleach; do not The detergent and bleach are mixed admixed, and bleaching detergents are used in washing and bleaching are required. Use any of the above detergents to clean the surface of the coil from top to bottom with a soft cloth, sponge, soft brush or low-pressure spray head to avoid wiping streaks and avoiding bright spots. Decontamination powders or industrial detergents are not recommended as they will damage the paint. Water-soluble detergents are very effective. If fungi and mildew are present, the above methods cannot be removed. It is recommended to use bleach-containing detergents such as "Tide" containing bleach. The surface of the washed steel coil needs to completely remove the detergent residue.   2. Repaint the color coated rolls: If the color coated roll is scratched during installation and use, it may be necessary to repaint the defective part. Improper or excessively applied paint can damage the entire surface. It is best not to fix the scratches that appear inconspicuous at 6 feet because normal wind erosion can cover them. To repair the paint, only the part of the paint is repaired. Before the touch-up, the parts that need to be repaired need to use alcohol to remove dirt, paraffin and other contamination. It is recommended not to use spray paint to repair a large area because the spray paint is not as dry as China prepainted galvanized steel coil factory. Get the right spray system with the construction roll manufacturer or coating supplier. It is not recommended to use aerosol or spray to repair scratches. The best repair tool is a high quality, 1/2 inch or slightly smaller painting brush. If the maintenance is carried out as described above, the color coated roll will retain its original color for a long time.