Non-woven Geotextiles Advantages

  • Advantages of PET non woven geotextile for sale 1. Infiltration 2. Filtering 3. Insulation 4. Water absorption rate 5. Waterproof 6. Scalability 7. Not scattered 8. Feel good, soft 9. Light 10. Flexible recovery 11. Unoriented fabric 12. Production speed compared to high productivity and textiles 13. Low price, mass production, etc. We all know that the advantage of non-woven geotextile products is that only about one-third of the weight of cast iron is convenient for transportation, installation, maintenance and other maintenance services, and the price, and then he decides these characteristics, generally about 3. Also known as geotextiles, they are needed or woven into synthetic fibers of permeable geosynthetic materials.