Grinder needs a boot check that must be done

  • Most of the accidents are caused by the lack of inspection and management. The accidents of the grinders have occurred. This requires that the grinder must be fully inspected before starting the machine to avoid safety accidents. Henan abrasive grinder manufacturers remind the 14 inches cutting disc. The following checks are required before starting up: 1) Check if the fasteners are loose, if necessary, tighten them. 2) Focus on checking whether the grinding wheel has cracks, if it should be replaced immediately. Inspection method: tap the grinding wheel with a wooden stick to make a crisp sound. 3) Move the grinding wheel by hand to observe whether the rotation of the grinding wheel is flexible and light, and listen to the sound of rubbing. 4) Check if the direction of rotation of the grinding wheel is correct, and the grinding debris will fly away from the grinding wheel in the correct direction. 5) Start the power supply. If the vibration and noise are abnormal, stop it immediately and list it for maintenance. 6) Check that the gap between the outer circle of the high quality cutting disc supplier and the workpiece bracket should be ≤3mm. 7) Check if the grounding of the grinder is intact