Cutting piece safety use precautions

  • In the industrial production and manufacturing, sometimes it is necessary to carry out certain grinding and cutting, then the use of the corresponding equipment is very necessary, and the use of the thin abrasive cutting disc for metal is to carry out the grinding of some mechanical products. It is an important abrasive tool that we need to use, but for its use, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation using the appropriate method. Here, the safety precautions for the grinding wheel cutting piece are introduced. The hardest part of the cutting piece should be a diamond material. It consists mainly of the base and the cutter head. The base is the main support part of the bonded cutter head, and the cutter head is the part that cuts during use. Need to pay attention to the process of use: 1. When replacing the cutting piece, first turn off the power supply and hang the warning sign. The cutting piece must be concentric and fastened to avoid falling off and hurting people; 2. During operation, if the cutting piece is damaged, it must be stopped immediately, and the replacement cutting piece should be replaced and then run. After the cutting is completed, turn off the power supply, and then wait for the grinding wheel to stop rotating, then take the object to avoid the flying cutting piece injury. people; 3. It is strictly forbidden to sand the objects on the cutting piece. In recent years, the development of our society has been quite large, and the development is relatively fast. I believe that there is a person who is familiar with the cutting piece. It is close to the role it plays in our life. Then the cutting piece is made of abrasive and binder resin for ordinary steel. The hardness of the cutting piece is the main characteristic that determines the performance of the abrasive. The super-hard abrasive itself has a very high hardness, so it can process a variety of high-hardness materials, especially materials that are difficult to process with ordinary abrasives. For example, machining hard alloys with diamond abrasives and Ceramic, agate, optical glass, semiconductor materials, stone, concrete and other non-metallic materials and non-ferrous metals; processing tools steel with cubic boron nitride abrasives, die steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant alloys, etc., especially for processing high vanadium high-speed steel When the ferrous metal is used, satisfactory processing results can be obtained. The grinding temperature of the standard cut off wheel for metal is low, which can greatly improve the surface quality of the workpiece to be processed, avoid cracks, burns, tissue changes and the like of the parts; The stress state of the machined surface is conducive to the extension of the service life of the part, which improves the comprehensive economic indicators. The super-hard cutting piece has less wear, long service life, and high grinding ratio, and can obtain a good economy under reasonable use conditions. The effect, especially for materials that are difficult to machine with ordinary abrasives, has a better economic effect.