In which areas is the flat abrasive cutting disc blade applied?


    The 14 inches cutting disc is generally a commonly used flat abrasive cutting disc made of resin, which is mainly used for difficult-to-cut materials such as alloy steel and stainless steel, and the cutting performance is particularly remarkable. When it comes to the main raw material resin, it refers to the softening or melting range after heating, the tendency to flow under the action of external force when softened, the solid state, the semi-solid at room temperature, and sometimes the liquid organic polymerization. Object. In the narrow sense, it is generally a normal metabolite or secretion of plant tissue. It is a semi-solid, solid or pseudo-solid amorphous organic substance, generally a high molecular substance, transparent or opaque. There is no fixed melting point, there are a softening point and a melting range, and there is a flow tendency under the action of stress. It is heated, softened and gradually melted. It is sticky when melted, non-conductive, mostly insoluble in water, and soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol and ether. Today, it is classified into a water-soluble resin, an alcohol-soluble resin, and an oil-soluble resin depending on its solubility, but it may be classified into a natural resin, a synthetic resin, or an artificial resin depending on the source. However, if it is changed according to the hungry performance after heating, it can be classified into a heat-setting resin or a thermosetting resin. The ultra-thin cutting piece refers to the outer working belt of the outer ring of the grinding wheel, and the central part is a high-strength rigid metal material, which is also called an outer ring-shaped 14 inches cutting disc. Generally, it is slightly thicker and has good rigidity. It is mostly used for cutting and grooving of medium and large depth of cut. The bonding agent mainly includes two types of metal (M) and resin (B). Today, I will tell you about the main applications of flat abrasive cutting disc. Diamond cutting discs are mainly used for cutting carbide rods, glass (such as glass tube cutting), quartz, ceramic materials, magnetic materials, semiconductors, printed circuit boards. Also used in the manufacturing of tools, bearings, molds, precision ceramics, polycrystalline diamonds, electro-optics, jewelry, footwear, furniture, cutting tools, etc.