Grinder operation requirements

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    Grinder check before starting Check before boot: 1) Check if the fasteners are loose, if necessary, tighten them. 2) Focus on checking whether the grinding wheel has cracks and replace it if necessary. Inspection method: Tap the grinding wheel with a wooden stick to make a crisp sound. 3) Move the grinding wheel by hand to observe whether the rotation of the grinding wheel is flexible and light, and listen to the sound of rubbing. 4) Check if the direction of rotation of the grinding wheel is correct, and the grinding debris will fly down from the grinding wheel in the correct direction. 5) Start the power supply. If the vibration and noise are abnormal, stop it immediately and hang it up for the maintenance worker to overhaul. 6) Check that the gap between the outer circle of the grinding wheel and the workpiece carrier should be ≤ 3mm. 7) Check if the grounding of the grinder is intact Operational requirements: 1) The operator must wear safety glasses and a splash-proof mask. 2) The body must be at an appropriate distance from the high quality cutting disc supplier. 3) Start the power supply and start the grinding work when the grinding wheel is running smoothly. 4) It is strictly forbidden to violently impact the workpiece with the grinding wheel. Pressure should be applied gradually during grinding to prevent the grinding wheel from being impacted and to prevent the grinding wheel from bursting. 5) The end of the work grinding should be kept at 20 mm or more from the hand end. 6) The amount of grinding should be appropriate for each grinding to prevent the workpiece from accidents with the grinding wheel. 7) When grinding for a long time, cold water should be provided next to the grinder to prevent heat and burns when the workpiece is ground. 8) Steel parts with strong fractures cannot be ground on the grinding wheel to prevent the workpiece from rupturing. 9) The workpiece shall not be ground perpendicular to the upper plane of the grinding wheel, ie the workpiece shall not be ground on the side of the grinding wheel. 10) Ground workpieces should be less than 500 mm in length. For workpieces over 500 mm, other grinding tools, such as angle grinders, should be used for grinding. 11) In the grinder in use, the difference between the diameters of the two grinding wheels is not more than 20%. 12) Power off immediately after each work is completed.