So far investment for little benefit?

  • Maplestory2 Phantoms: So far investment for little benefit?

    To begin with, let me start off my Maplestory 2 Mesos admitting that I am extremely biased for the phantom class and I am not here to inquire Nexon to buff phantom or nerf other courses: I'd like to know everyone's opinion on whether or not I need to continue to keep the ghost class or sell all of my gear and attempt to finance a NW rather than

    Here's why I'm heart torn on funding a ghost:I'm about 1m range fully buffed with 254% boss and 84% PDR (this range is without ANY percent ATT and I have approximately 100k nx to use to block my items in the next hot time; however, when I decide to not continue investing in my phantom, I Will Likely use the nx to karma all of my gear over to a new NW

    I personally scrolled and perfected my cane with 10att primes plus a +25% supervisor dmg nebulite (trashy unique bud nonetheless ).My carte finale is legendary with two lines of +30% supervisor along with a +25% boss dmg neb.. In spite of these"decent" equips, % manager, PDR, and stove, I CAN'T DO CRAP -> NW's with around my range with FAR less PDR and percent boss can solo tough magnus and hellux >_> according to cherrytigers (really funded phantom), he could barely solo hellux with 1.8m range CLEAN with 90% PDR and 300% manager...

    - I love the phantom class and have so many memories attached to it... but let's face it: my real goal is that I want to be able to solo tough mag and hellux into"self fund" my other personalities and it seems like it requires WAYYYY less effort to bring a NW to this degree Instead of some ghost

    What are your thoughts? Any idea Buy MS2 Mesos how much my main and items can market? World is BROA.