Short and Interesting Hayato Bossing Tips for Maplestory

  • I am a L.223 Hayato in Reboot and I am at a point where I want to solo the slightly harder bosses like hmag, cvell, etc. Now I hear a lot that hayatos are good bossers and this is confirmed by multiple youtube videos I have seen.



    I feel like I should be able to solo hmag and possibly cvell with my current stats but I am struggling to do so. My current stats are (if you want to know):


    • 4.3M range self buffed (no hypers or phantom blade stacks)
    • 95% IED (in stat screen)
    • lvl 40 Rai Blade Flash node
    • lvl 15 Shensoku node
    • lvl 22 Phantom Blade


    Since I am struggling quite a bit with even hmag I have concluded that I am shit. Therefore I would like to ask any of the more experienced hayato players for bossing tips. I am perfectly happy with general tips or boss specific tips if you have them! (Boss tips outside hmag and cvell of course also appreciated!) However if that is too broad I have tried my best to formulate some of my hopefully more specific questions here:


    Q1: Battoujutsu Zankou almost always kills me. Should I just not use this skill if possible? On the one hand I want to use the skill for the damage and the sword energy, but especially in hmag (last stage) I just get hit with a meteor before I can move again. It is slightly better in cvell but even there I feel like it is a gamble. I have tried stunning vellum with tornado blade beforehand but I can still die before being able to move.


    A1: Use Zankou when the worm dolphin dives. Use Falcon's Honor when you're in a position when you can't hit the boss or access them -- even if you don't do damage you still get the sword energy. For example, when dodging a dragon in Lucid or when the worm is underground you can still pop it even though you can't hit them.


    Q2: Do you have a preferred dash or do you use all available dashes in different situations? I noticed I mostly dash back and forth with surging blade, but sometimes it can get a bit iffy with changing direction midway.


    A2: I use different dashes just based on how far I need to dodge. I don't want to use a long dash and run into a meteor when a short one won't run me into one. It's situational but you will surely get a knack for it!


    Q3: How do you safely use hitokiri strike? This again is mostly an hmag issue for me, but getting to 100% crit while dodging the meteors is really hard for me. I presume it is just hard to use in hmag?


    A3: I just use Hitikori as a get out of jail card. I don't try to keep up the buff since I don't mind the run taking longer. You can compensate by just getting a lot of external crit-rate from Legion, links, IA and the sort; which, is what I do.


    Q4: Switching to quickdraw (bossing) stance has some delay like most other buffs. Since this stance is not even saved by buff freezers is there some way to cancel the animation or should I just not die?


    A5: Don't die! I fear death in-game just as I do in real life. I fear the void beyond.


    Q5: When you enter the boss do you immediately get up to 5 PB stacks or do you slowly build up stacks over a minute or two?


    A6: I build up PB stacks slowly since speed doesn't concern me.


    Any answers, partial answers or other (general) tips are appreciated! In the meantime I will just keep practicing the bosses.


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