Final Fantasy XIV's new expansion should have a NieR-themed rai

  • Yoshi-P with the exceptional team from Square Enix carry on and absolutely kill it with FFXIV Gil regard to Final Fantasy XIV news.

    As continues to be rumored for a while, the Gunblade tank job (called "Gunbreaker") themed after Final Fantasy VIII's Gunblade weapon is turning it into in alongside on the Shadowbringers expansion launch, which has become dated for July 2. Gunbreakers will commence at level 60, just 20 shy of the revolutionary level cap of 80.

    To the delight of numerous, additional rumor is arriving true: the bunny-like Viera race will debut in FF14 Gil Shadowbringers. There will likely be an updated version from the "Trust" system from Final Fantasy XI, that permits players to utilize NPCs in Shadowbringers four-player dungeons. That's one step toward an eventual "offline" story version of XIV 1 day akin to what Square Enix is already looking to do with Dragon Quest X.