Runescape Game Adventurer Log Redesign

  • Earlier this year you voted for just a complete redesign from the Adventurer’s Log section in the website. The web team are actually working hard therefore we’re glad to announce how the first version is currently available! There is often a chance of OSRS Gold receiving bonus tuna, swordfish and shark if you have a top enough Agility and Fishing level; you're going to get double, triple or quadruple loot when Thieving; along with the you'll gain a chance to catch butterflies barehanded with Hunter.  

    For this version, we’ve given each of the existing comes with a whole new look. Everything is much easier to discover, with everyone’s Adventurer’s Log split across multiple pages. The system also are much faster so no more awaiting pages to load!  Legacy Mode is really a way of RS Gold playing the present day RuneScape game using a traditional feel and look, without the ought to learn the revolutionary combat system. 

    We’ve got big plans for that Adventurer’s Log. Keep your eyes peeled for most brand-new features,This new feature is going to be available soon and definately will show a record of each of your abilities, including a breakdown of simply how much XP you gained every month, heading back as far like a year ago!