Agents of Fury, Runespan Rewards and Arc Improvements

  • A demonic in-game event, new gains advantage from your Runespan training and many awesome additions to your Arc – it's really a feast of RuneScape joy in now's update. The Avernic general Nymora has sent two vengeful envoys to Gielinor's surface. Help them gather trophies of OSRS Gold fallen foes and reap the rewards.

    Speak to Miithrius or Zymanthria on Daemonheim Peninsula to have started. From now until 23:59 UTC on 2nd April, you may collect Zamorakian emblems through regular skilling and combat training activities. Hand in approximately 1000 emblems daily to unlock rewards, for example the Furies Agent outfit, that includes devilishly fetching horns and wings.   If you fancy speeding things up, or if you miss out several days and should catch up, you may increase your daily cap on emblems by spending RuneCoins inside reward shop.

    A new apprentice wizard has arrived outside of the Runespan, having a reward store of RuneScape Gold his very own. In exchange for ones hard-won Runespan points, they can offer the following:    Portal redirect – One time purchase.