Runescape: Talking Old School Mobile 2

  • How difficult perhaps you have found shrinking down this sort of RuneScape Gold complex game right into a touchscreen-friendly experience?

    The download size continues to be so small that modern mobiles cope with it pretty much, and also, since it can be a point-and-click-adventure game in your mind, moving over into a touchpad doesn’t please take a great leap. However, anyone interface is usually a major challenge for people, and is one thing we are still taking care of. We’re committed to some principle that players with a mobile device should manage to have access to the identical content as they can on PC, so that’s what were aiming for. But it’s working hard!
    With popular free-to-play MMOS like RIFT now commanding huge audiences, RuneScape faces stiffer competition than in the past.

    With countless MMOs along with other genres adopting your initial free-to-play model, how can you plan and keep players bought this aging game?

    I think it’s important and keep developing the aspects which make RuneScape an exclusive proposition. We’ve never been about OSRS Gold conforming on the template of the items an MMO ‘should’ be, we want to help keep surprising and delighting our audience. All too often the truth is games lose their uniqueness whenever they try to modernise; I think it’s our dedication to community and our indie roots that keeps us grounded and unwilling to match the mould.