Unleash an amazing MaplestoryM Mesos amount


    Unleash an amazing MaplestoryM Mesos amount of damage.Another benifit is that they have a small recovery kit that they can drop for themselves or allies, but it should be taken solely by the heavy gunner since he is doing all the working harm, he's got to stay safe, it may not be dependable as Priest's recovery, but it is a good add to significant gunner's


    kit.Please be careful when playing with Heavy gunners, their lengthy cartoons and reduced motion speed making them extremely varunable to attack so make sure to know where you stand when triggering abilities and position yourself well, they are not AS consisted as rangers in regards to maintaining your space.Warriors are literal


    brutes that like to dip face-first into risk, being bulky and loyal, tanking the majority of the damage but coping equal damage in return, Warriors protect at precisely the exact same time the bulky classes and often saves them out of boss aggros.Nasty warriors. Super Nasty. They take as much harm as they cope, they do not require any

    strategy and deal with their problems directly on, they tear stuff up and hoping that Maple story M Mesos they won't have killed like that. They are both lasting and hard hitting, they've a waveclear that could help a lot on your storyline and overall coping a fantastic amount of damage.You get to participate along with your Knight and love to rip up stuff as


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