Thing I want to see is when MLB 19 Stubs a player

  • Thing I want to see is when MLB 19 Stubs a player is traded, their period totals are lumped into a single stat line. For instance, If I am the Cubs and that I exchange for Yasiel Puig in year, his totals aren't divided for both teams. It says"Tot" in which the team name is in the stats. It should have 2 lines of stats, one because of his performance on the


    Dodgers, and one for his to the Cubs. Seeing how stat established MLB The Show 19 of MLB The Show 19 is, I'm surprised SDS isn't putting an emphasis on additional details from MLB The Show 19 .Since they're getting data from mlb, I wish The Show would only copy the specific interface the mlb at bat app uses to display stats(international, minors and majors) for each player.


    Franchise Mode is the only mode I perform in the show. The manner needs to be entirely revamped. The trade engine has to be improved - can not tell you exactly how many unrealistic trades I have seen from competing teams to non-contending teams. More of an emphasis on the off-season - it's really easy to sign free agents and also


    the greatest free agents always sign about the worst groups. I'd love to see them bring back buy MLB The Show 19 Stubs stadium pricing where you could dictate how much tickets price, food, beverages, etc. and I believe more cut scenes will be beneficial and make things more realistic (such as in 2K at which you are able to bring free agents or agents to get a meeting and talk contracts/team needs/player needs ). Hopefully we get more realistic franchise mode this season!?


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