How to Maintain the Sand Making Machinery

  • The Construction Waste Crusher is used for crush the very hard mineral and its working condition is severe. So, compare with other sand making machinery, its maintenance is very important.

    1. The maintenance should be right. We can say that the excessive maintenance cannot bring us the best effect. With years of production experience, the expert from suggests that the sand making machinery should be maintained properly. The quick wear parts should be changed every three months.

    2. Rightly use the lubricant. When the gear rotation of sand making machinery appears the hysteresis phenomenon and fever phenomenon, we should add the lubricant to the machine to reduce the abrasion of the parts.

    3. Notice the working strength of machine. To the sand making machinery, this is the most important thing.

    4. Notice the environment which will affect the sand making machinery. The rain and sand wind will have bad influence on the parts of the machine.

    With the development of the mining machinery, new technology has improved the whole craft of mining industry to some extent. Sand making machinery is the key equipment to the mining processing industry. Sand making machinery can be used in the coarse crushing process, secondary crushing process and fine crushing process of the ore and tailing. With the improvement of product performance, the sand making machinery will meet our requirement to the greatest extent.