GP will adhere to Runescape gold devalue

  • With GP accepting admired beneath and less, prices of items will rise, and as we could see with various top bulk items and rares, go aloft the max banknote limit.

    As the daring progresses, GP will adhere to Runescape gold devalue, yearly prices will acceleration to adjust, and the GE has to be accommodated to compensate. Evidently, there is "spaghetti code" issues with 32 bit accumulation (I don't know particulars, abandoned that it's unfeasable to "increase" the max accumulation in game), but an amend to the GE can advice break this situation.

    This abstraction has been proposed several times, but accepting an our shop such as silver badge coins which can be traded on the GE will crack this issue. Even something easy as 1000gp = 1 badge will actualize a "maximum badge limitation" which Won't Ever be surpassed in years (Should RS3 even lasts that long)

    This will not break majority abetment - and it may be argued that the alteration in traveling from appointment costs absolute to accepting tradable on the GE will be a asperous one.