Goblet door installation steps

  •  A thick glass door is a decorative door with your thickness of 12 mm or even more. It is generally characterized by two parts: the movable fan as well as fixed glass. The door frame is divided into steel, copper and aluminum alloy. 1 Before the structure is completed, check whether the elevation with the ground and the height from the structure at the top on the door frame meet the design requirements. Determine the position belonging to the door frame and tips on how to install the glass. Choose the glass as outlined by the design requirements. Accomplished profile door frame, limit groove, plate and a glass glue, floor spring, fire wood screw, self-tapping screw as well as other auxiliary materials.
    2 Installation points connected with fixed door frame heavy glass (1) Release and positioning According to the design requirements, the position with the door frame is unveiled, and the fixed in addition to movable part installation manage lines are determined.
    (2) The width of the stainless steel limit groove limit groove about the top of the installation door frame ought to be greater than the goblet thickness of 2~4mm, and also the groove depth is 10~20mm.
    (3) Install the steel veneer on the ground first, then glue the metal panel to the wood made side. The aluminum alloy square tube is often fixed on the shape column with an metal corner code, or might be fixed on the embedded embedded section by screws.
    (4) Structure glass (usually pre-cut, then tempered and transported into the site for installation). The dimensions in the bottom, middle and top in the actual volume should often be measured, and the cut size of the minimum size of the glass width ought to be selected. If the dimensions measured while in the upper, middle and lower would be the same, the size is cut, the width is under the measured size of Two to three mm, and the height is less than Three to five mm. For the cut insulated glass factory, the chamfered edging shall be carried out on that four sides by hand-held oil-coated diamond, with a chamfer bigger of 2 mm.
    (5) Install the glass with a glass suction cup to help lift the thick magnifying glaas up, insert the thick glass plate in the limit groove at the most notable of the door frame, and then place it on the bottom bracket so how the edge of the heavy glass plate just seals the side. The stainless steel trim from the frame column faces that seam.
    (6) The glass is fixed within the bottom bracket and the actual pressure clamp strip will be installed, about 4mm from the thick glass denture. Then apply the universal glue to the strip and stick the s / s plate on the strip.
    (7) Inject the glass seal on the top limit groove along with the bottom support, and inject the glass glue into the joint between the thick glass as well as frame column, so that the glass glue forms a new uniform straight line on the gap. Finally, scrape there are various excess glass glue in addition to wipe the glue with a clean cloth. When wide glass is butted, the joint should be kept at a long distance of 2~3mm. The thick glass edge needs to be chamfered. After the two thick glass sit and fixed, the glass glue must be used to inject into the gap. After filling, the particular thick glass is stuffed. Squeeze the glass glue with both sides and wipe the glue with a clean cloth.
    3 The installation point of the movable door leaf coarse glass The thick glass movable door leaf provides no door frame. The opening and closing of the movable door leaf is realized by hardware hinged to the upper and lower rails from the frame.
    (1) Floor spring mounting ground spring is definitely automatic door closing apparatus installed under various home fans.
    (2) Mark the upper and lower rails of the door leaf, and fix the pin hole plate in the rotation pin and your rotation shaft connection plate from the floor spring by your wire. Refer to the installation instructions along with the ground spring product for installation.
    (3) Drill the holes in the door handle (usually forced to be processed when paying for thick glass). Note that this height dimension of that thick glass should add the mounting portion that is inserted into the upper and lower rails. Usually the cut measurement of thick glass ought to be less than about 5mm involving measurement size for change.
    (4) Install the upper and lower rails for the upper and lower sides with the thick glass door plus measure the height in the door. If the upper and lower edges in the door leaf are definately not the specified value from the gap between the door frame and also the ground, the wooden splint is often placed under the glass from the upper and lower track. If the door leaf height exceeds the installation dimensions, the excess portion belonging to the thick glass door leaf is required to be cut.
    (5) After setting the height, fix the upper and lower rails. Along at the gap between the thick glass as well as metal upper and lessen rails, a small wooden strip is inserted at the same time, and then the glass glue is injected to the gap between the little wooden strip, the thick glass and also the crosspiece.
    (6) Door buff positioning installation. First, adjust the positioning pin within the door frame beam having a own adjustment screw into the beam plane 1~2mm. And then erect the glass entry leaf, align the hole position on the rotating pin connector belonging to the lower crosspiece of the door leaf while using rotation pin of the particular spring, and turn the door leaf to fit the hole into the pin. Then, with the pin axis because axis, turn the entry leaf 90° (to proper the door leaf while turning), so that the door leaf and also the door beam are on right angles. At on this occasion, the hole of the particular rotating connecting piece inside the crosspiece of the door leaf could be aligned on the front door frame beam. The positioning pin is ended up and the positioning pin is proved, and inserted into the hole in the door leaf cross-rotating pin connecting member is concerning 15 mm. Install the particular glass door handle. Previous to installation, apply a little bit of glass glue to the part the location where the handle is inserted into the glass. When the handle is assembled, the root is closely that come with the glass, and then the repairing screw is tightened so the handle is not necessarily loose.